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  1. References to the graffitti found in insula V 1 during the excavations in the 19th century (CIL data) will soon appear on the website of the Swedish Pompeii Project.
    These graffitti (most no longer to be found on site) have been located in Gis system. We are also presently elaborating a 3D Gis in which they will get hypothtical positions on the walls.


  2. This looks amazing! I can’t wait to tell my undergraduates about it. Have a great field season!

  3. Greetings from the Herculaneum Society!
    We are based at the University of Oxford and I look forward to receiving updates from the Ancient Graffiti Project to post to our members. We may overlap in Herculaneum next year as a Society visit is planned for 2016. Please visit our website for details of our aims and achievements. We have two summer schools in Herculaneum this year aimed at university students : http://www.herculaneum.ox.ac.uk/?q=Summer+Schools

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